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Proverbs 13:10 (NIV) — Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.

I have worked with numerous religious leaders and while each situation and client is unique there are some common denominators. This list of outcomes is an example of my work. What is important is that you trust that all of my coaching work is confidential. I do not share the names or denominations of the pastors and church leaders I work with. While this listing will give you some idea of the types of issues and opportunities I have helped my clients sort out it is not all inclusive. I view coaching as providing a safe space for a client to identify the issues they are grappling with and discover the solutions which will work for them.

International Missionary Leader, LEADERSHIP TRANSITION

As a true entrepreneur and more importantly a disciple of Christ, this leader created a worldwide network that has transformed the approach to sharing the message of Christ. As his time of leadership was drawing to a close our work was focused on guiding him to let go of the reins and clarify the next phase of his life.

Pastor for Recovering Church, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT

Taking on the task of rebuilding a dying church required this leader to build a capable leadership team. Difficult to do when you are employing people to do this job. Almost impossible when you are dealing with unpaid volunteers of varying abilities. With God's help we focused on inspiring the team to a higher vision of leadership.

Pastor for Diminishing Church, CHURCH COUNCIL RELATIONSHIPS

The decline of many traditional churches requires a pastor who is working in collaboration with the ministry team as well as the church council. It requires alignment and shared focus between the team and the leadership and open communication. Providing a safe space to share honestly the concerns and fears of the pastor was critical.

Pastor for Multicultural Church, ONBOARDING OF NEW PASTOR

Whether in the church or secular world one of the biggest causes of failure is the inadequate onboarding of new leaders. My process works the leader step-by-step through developing alignment of the expectations and measurements to evaluate their performance and helps them focus on strategies to move forward quickly. This pastor has moved forward successfully and avoided many pitfalls.

Children's Ministry Leader, CAREER DIRECTION

Knowing when to leave a position is a difficult transition for most. Generally, it is fear of the unknown. Identifying what God is calling you to and developing a strategy to get there supports you in moving forward and accomplishing God's plan. When this leader was able to move forward in a new direction with grace a new energy was brought to the ministry.

Worship Leader, CLARITY OF ROLE

Problems occur when the role and responsibilities of a leader are not clear. This puts the leader in an untenable situation. Achieving clarity of expectations was achieved through directed questions and feedback from the pastoral team.


It is helpful to process leadership challenges and opportunities with a third party outside of the church. I provided leadership perspective and insight and a safe sounding board to discuss issues. I also facilitated a ministry leadership study for the leadership team (including Elders) and facilitated a vision-casting workshop for the church.

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